Dan Musil plays slide guitar with unique touch.
Shared with characteristic humility and love of improvisation, Dan’s music combines haunting instrumental slide guitar pieces with boisterous songs of social satire; traditional Celtic tunes with stomping acoustic blues, lullabies & eucalyptus-infused musical meditations – the provocative and the calming.

Dan has performed at venues and festivals around Australia and internationally as a solo artist, and as a member/collaborator with artists including Marissa Quigley, Van Walker, Lucy Wise, Tim Guy, Anna Smyrk, Lucas Paine, Whoa Mule, Catgut, Power & Greig, Brother Johnstone, The Woolworths Blues Singers and others, has composed music for a number of short films and video projects.

As well as (more often than…) music, Dan is active in projects working for economic democracy, justice and sustainability – including the Earthworker Cooperative.

Loves to listen, create, challenge and collaborate.
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