(Sharing) One World

Sharing a world in pandemic….
It’s been quiet on the music front of late. All gigs have been cancelled & in-person jams pretty much banned (love to all the music/hospo/(all) workers out there doing it tough), and my brain ever-drawn to the terrors of the unfolding news and the thesis I’m supposed to be finishing. So I don’t have any new original tunes to share yet…

But the (privileged) time at home and the need to keep playing has given me a chance to muck around with a song from one of my all-time favourite songwriters & guitarists, John Martyn.
And this song in particular speaks to me in this moment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it unavoidably clear the truth we’ve always known – that we have one world to inhabit and share together, that our wellbeing is ultimately inseparable from the wellbeing of all others here. It’s also highlighted just how unequal and unequally prepared folks everywhere are, to be well. At the same time, the crisis made it hard to know how to act on that fact – how to enact solidarity in (and as) physical isolation… (your suggestions very welcome!).

While I kinda resent it (and beware the risks of endless screen time) I know my mental/emotional wellbeing has definitely been helped by interacting & sharing with people ‘virtually’ of late, AND by playing some music.
So with all that in mind, here’s a little Morwell living room offering from someone grappling with “what it means to find our way in one world”… #justpostsomehing

Link to video of my version of John Martyn’s ‘One World’ here.


One thought on “(Sharing) One World

  1. Hi Dan
    Just talking to Chris so thought I would check out what you were up to with no gigs/footy. Hope you are travelling well, albeit lean. Fabulous version of this song, thank you. Love John Martyn, May You Never got me in long before you were born. You probably know the version with Kathy Mattea and Jerry Douglas on resonator; The last 10 secs happiest JM ever appeared in a clip I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBPTuAl2Qyk
    Hope yu do get a bit more of that thesis done. Another chaper on impact of Covid shutdown. Bugger. Stay well. Love, Tony Hoare


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